Dr. Joko Tri Haryanto
Associate Policy Analyst Center for Climate Change and Multilateral Financing Policy (PKPPIM) Fiscal policy Agency Ministry of Finance

Joko Tri Haryanto is currently a Senior Researcher of Fiscal Policy Agency for Climate Change Financing and Multilateral Policy at the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia. He is responsible for formulating fiscal policies and financing to support the mitigation and adaptation of climate change. He is also an Associate Lecturer for several reputable universities in Indonesia such as the Faculty of Economics and Business University of Indonesia and the University of Padjadjaran. Before joining the Fiscal Policy Agency, he worked as Head of Sub Section of the Directorate General Fiscal Balance, Sub-Directorate Evaluation of Decentralization Fund. Haryanto held a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Indonesia. He reached his Master of Economics degree from the University of Indonesia. He also spends his leisure time to be a newspaper columnist.

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